13. Todd with tree. Le Creux de Van croppedPlaces I have lived or lingered:

Italy, England, Mexico, Switzerland, and South Korea. Each has shaped the way I think. And see. And feel.

My Bio:

As cataloguer of new acquisitions at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, I dealt with a thousand objects every year—a tea set made for Napoleon, a necklace from ancient Rome, a Nazca grave shroud from Peru. My fascination with objects and cultures has informed my travels and led to writing that explores the metaphoric interaction between the outer world of things and the inner world of meaning. I received an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Bennington College and served as managing editor of the Hungry Mind Review, a magazine of arts and culture. As editor of Ruminator Review, I published interviews, essays, and book reviews by writers including Adrienne Rich, Neil Gaiman, Michael Chabon, and Yoko Ono. Currently I teach creative prose at the Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis.

You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders…
but in the answers it gives to a question of yours.

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

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